Tommy's Margarita Package (serves 6)

Tommy's Margarita Package (serves 6)

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(6 serves)

x1 500ml pre shaken & mixed Tommy's Margarita 

x1 tub of flavoured salt

x1 lime (for rimming)

x1 bag of ice

(our pre-batches can sometimes be served in the original Ocho bottle to minimise landfill)


- Chop lime and run a piece around the rim of your glass

- Decant your salt into a saucer and encrust the lip of the glass with said salt (optional)

- Shake your Tommy’s Margarita over ice (you can do this in a protein shaker/empty coffee jar/anything with a lid)

- Pour into your glass and you’re ready to get slotted

Ingredients: Ocho Tequila Blanco, agave syrup & fresh lime