Pachanga Party Package (designed to serve 4)

Pachanga Party Package (designed to serve 4)

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Bring the infamous naughtiness of Neon Cactus to straight your door!! Our Massive Pachanga Package is only £30 per head and gets you 6 drinks each, a bottle of tequila and some goodies to help you rave...

Each package contains:

x1 500ml Ocho Tequila Blanco

x1 500ml Home made Verdita (choose from pineapple, coriander or ginger)

x1 tub of flavoured salt

x4 limes

x2 bags of ice

x4 different pre packed cocktails (each cocktail serves 2 drinks) -Classic Margarita, De La Sol, Paloma & Rosemary's Child)

x8 Hula Hooch Passionfruit & Mango

x8 Sol

x2 Glowstick face crayons

x4 Glowsticks