Ocho Tequila & Verdita Shot Package (serves 20 shots)

Ocho Tequila & Verdita Shot Package (serves 20 shots)

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(20 shots)

x1 500ml bottle of Ocho Tequila Blanco

x1 500ml bottle of homemade verdita/gingerita/pineapple verdita (these delicious mouthbangs should chase each shot of your tequila, choose one flavour)

x4 limes

x1 tub of house flavoured salt

(our pre-batches can sometimes be served in the original Ocho bottle to minimise landfill)

Method: Pour 25ml Ocho Tequila Blanco into a glass (or straight into your mouth). Pour 25ml of your verdita/gingerita/pineapple verdita into a separate glass. Shoot the tequila. Shoot the delicious flavoured stuff.  Repeat.

Limes & salt provided in case you want to shoot like a loser

verdita: coriander, chilli, pineapple juice, salt, sugar 

gingerita: red grapes, ginger, apple juice, lime juice, salt, sugar 

pineapple verdita: pineapple, passion fruit, ginger, lime juice, salt, sugar